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Psoriasis Causes & Triggers

Although T cells, or lymphocytes, are white blood cells that are very important to the immune system, overactive T cells trigger a chain reaction in the autoimmune response that causes new skin cells to form at the skin’s surface much faster than they should.  An overabundance of epidermal tissue results in areas of thick, scaly tissue.


Researchers do not yet know what causes this malfunction in the T cells, however they believe genetic and environmental factors may play a role.


Illnesses that weaken the immune system, especially strep infection, may trigger a psoriasis outbreak, as well as stress or emotional trauma.  Physical trauma, such as a cut or scrape, may also trigger a psoriasis flare-up, as can certain medications, smoking, alcohol consumption and dry skin.


Psoriasis Symptoms


Types of Psoriasis

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Psoriasis Causes


Psoriasis Treatment

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