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Metals that can we can test for:

CM 1 Aluminium

Non-Food Sources: aluminium cooking pans; aluminium foil; table salt & baking powder; aluminium cans; antacids; bleached flour; mains water treatment (aluminium sulphate); some food additives; deodorants; acid rain leaches aluminium out of the soil and into the ground water.​

CM 2 Beryllium- ceramics.​

CM 3 Boron- enamel and glass; light weight components.​

CM 4 Cadmium

Sources: cigarette fumes; galvanised iron; pesticides; plastics; fertilisers; tyres; plating; component in alloys and solders; PVC stabiliser, pigments, paints, pottery.

CM 5 Calcium

Non-Food Sources: preparation of other metals; calcium oxide important in chemical industry.​

CM 6 Chromium- metal plating & anodising aluminium ; stainless steel; leather tanning; paints; dyes; explosives; cement.​

CM 7 Cobalt- dental work; alloys; cobalt compounds used in paints and varnishes.​

CM 8 Copper- copper water pipes (particularly in soft water areas); some medicines; pesticides; fungicides; blood copper levels raised by the contraceptive pill; brake linings; wiring; some contraceptive devices; dental amalgam; coins.​

CM 9 Gold- dental alloy; jewellery; gold salts for treating rheumatoid arthritis.​

CM 10 Iron- metal for building; steel, toner for photocopiers and printers​

CM 11 Lead- leaded petrol fumes; old water pipes; leaded paint; lead plumbing; solder; improperly glazed pottery; cigarette ash; pewter; lead crystal ware.​

CM 12 Magnesium- alloys; batteries; glass; ceramics; fillers; flocculating agents; magnesium sulphate used in sugar refining.​

CM 13 Manganese- textile bleaching, glass manufacture, fertilisers, compounds used in unleaded petrol and pesticides, pottery glazes.​

CM 14 Mercury- dental amalgam; pesticides; fungicides; emissions from coal-burning power stations, contaminated fish, vaccines.​

CM 15 Nickel- dental alloys; stainless steel; water boiled in a kettle with an element; clasps; jewellery; spectacles; buckles; keys; coins; diesel fumes; can be in flour as a result of milling; a catalyst for hydrogenating vegetable oils.​

CM 16 Palladium- road dust from catalytic converters; dental work; electrical components.​

CM 17 Platinum- road dust from catalytic converters; high quality glassware; dental alloys.​

CM 18 Selenium- anti-dandruff shampoos; steel and glass additive.​

CM 19 Silver- dental amalgam; jewellery; E174; electrical components; silver compounds used in photography.

CM 20 Sodium​

CM 21 Thallium- byproduct of zinc & lead production; optical lenses; jewellery; dyes; pigments; catalyst in organic synthesis; recreational drug contaminant.

CM 22 Tin- dental amalgam; canning; solder in iron & copper pipes; compounds used in fungicides and glass coatings.

CM 23 Titanium- dental work; surgical metal in hips etc.; jewellery; E171, mascara.


CM 24 Zinc- galvanised iron; brass; solder; die-casting; tyres; zinc oxide is used in paints, rubber, textiles and plastics.

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Personal Care Product Chemicals that we can test for

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Household Chemicals that we can test for

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Industrial Chemicals that we can test for

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Metals that we can test for

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