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Industrial Chemicals that we can test for:

IE2 26    Abietic Acid- Plastics, paints, varnishes, paper size, detergents.   

IE2 27    Aniline- Antioxidants, rubber manufacture, dyes and pharmaceuticals.


IE2 29    Benzene- nylon, synthetic detergents, dyes, paints, varnish removers, adhesives, pharmaceuticals


IE2 32    Cellulose Acetate- Fibres for clothing and furnishing, lacquer, cellophane, cigarette filters, magnetic tape, spectacle frames, screwdriver handles.


IE2 33    Cetyl Alcohol/ Hexadecanol   

Extensively used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics, gel stabiliser for greases.   


IE2 35    Decyl Alcohol/ Decanol- Plasticizers, detergents.

IE2 36    1,2-Diaminoethane/ Ethylenediamine   

Detergents, emulsifying agents, industrial solvent, textiles, paper, coatings, films, adhesives, rubber formulation.


IE2 41    Dioctyl Phthalate- Plastics


IE2 47    Methanoic Acid/ Formic Acid   

Textile dyeing and finishing, leather tanning, intermediate for other chemicals.


IE2 48    Monoethanolamine/ 2-AminoEthyl Alcohol/ 2-Hydroxyethylamine   

Detergents, emulsifying agents,   manufacture of cosmetics, toiletries, bactericidal and herbicidal products.    Great commercial importance.​

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