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Skin Exam/Mole Check


Any adult who’s never had a skin exam should consider scheduling one to establish a baseline,  and to discuss how often one is necessary,


Annual skin exams (or twice yearly) may be recommended for anyone who has:

  • A history of melanoma, other skin cancers or precancerous skin lesions

  • A family member with melanoma

  • A large number of moles or a history of atypical moles

  • A history of tanning  

  • A history of blistering sun burns

  • A history of frequent outdoor activities such as golfing

  • A history of working outdoors such as agriculture or roofing

  • Had an organ transplant

Warning signs that a mole may be cancerous or precancerous include:

ABCDE melanoma.jpg

Any mole that has iregular features should be evaluated by:

  • A biopsy

  • GenTech (a biopsy-free alternative using tape testing and DNA analysis)


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