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Yes! We can now analyze a skin lesion using tape

Derm Tech Pigmented Lesion Assay (PLA)


Any suspicious skin lesion should be analyzed to make sure it is not a melanoma.

Dr Kidwell now uses a new process which analyzes DNA on tape strips that are applied to a skin lesion.  The tape strips are sent to a compay called Derm Tech.The company promotes it as a"Scalpel-free, scar-free, worry-free" alternative to biopsies with a 95% accuracy rate of diagnosing melanoma

What is the Derm Tech PLA?

DermTech PLA is a brand new, biopsy free test for the early detection of melanoma

How does it work?

A special type of adhesive tape is applied to the mole and peeled off.  This process is repeated 4 times and takes less than 5 minutes

How is the tape analyzed?

 The tape is sent to Derm Tech.  The skin cells that are stuck to the adhesive patch are analyzed in DermTech’s specialized laboratory where the cells are examined for genes that are found in melanomas. 

Is it right for me?

Melanoma can be missed because patients are sometimes reluctant to have a biopsied performed on them, especially in areas that are sensitive or in a cosmetically important location such as the face.


What to expect:

A mole with a negative result will be monitored and usually avoid the need for a biopsy unless it continues to change or grow. A mole with a positive result will then be biopsied.

Taping a shoulder wound


Adhesive tape is used to collect skin cells across a lesion. The tape is then sent to the DermTech molecular laboratory.

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RNA and DNA from the sample can be analyzed for specific, validated gene targets

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Get results

Results are usually available within a week

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