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Patch testing


We utilize patch testing to find out what is causing your rash (instead of just giving you medications which make you feel better but don't find the REASON for you rash).  Patch testing does not use needles, just patches that stay on you skin for 48 hours.  We usually place three patches on your back for two days. Each patch has 10 areas for a total of 30 substances.  Do not get your back wet during those 48 hours, and avoid strenuous exercise.  Irritated skin may indicate an allergy.


Many patients with a diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis are allergic to chemicals such as fragrances, preservatives, and dyes.  Patch testing can be used to determine if an allergy is the cause of your symptoms.  Note that this is a different type of testing from scratch testing done by an allergist (which checks for respiratory allergies).


Would you like to learn more about Patch Testing for skin allergies?  Call us to schedule a consultation at Clovis Dermatology.

Do you want to learn more about patch testing?

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Find the cause of your rash

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Symptoms include dry skin and itching

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