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Skin Biopsies

Any suspicious skin lesion should be biopsied.  Biopsies involve removing a small amount of skin. Dr Kidwell sends his biopsies to Pathology Associates, the largest pathology group in the Central Valley.  The pathologists can look at the specimen under a microscope to diagnose a skin condition or skin cancer. 

Dr Kidwell offers three main types of skin biopsies and a non-invasive option:

  • Shave biopsy: Shaving off a thin, top layer of skin 

  • Punch biopsy: Using a circular tool like a mini-cookie cutter to remove a small section of skin

  • Excisional biopsy: Surgically removing a lesion

  • Derm Tech: Putting tape on a lesion, and having the DNA on the tape tested for signs of melanoma

shave biopsy diagram (2).jpg

Shave Biopsy

Taping a shoulder wound

Testing without a biopsy

Derm Tech, a brand new option

biopsy punch.png

Punch Biopsy

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