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Cysts are sac-like structures that are usually filled with an oily substance.  They grow underneath the skin, and are usually soft and painless.  Cysts are one of the most common reasons patient's seek dermatological care.  There are many types of cysts, but the most common is called a sebaceous cyst.


Can cyst be dangerous?

Cyst can sometimes be confused with the following:

  • Lymphomas (cancer of the lymph nodes)

  • Lymph node enlargement from Valley Fever or Tuberculosis

  • Sarcomas (cancer of the connective tissue)



Because cysts are surface growths, they can usually be excised with local anesthesia. Surgery can be done as an outpatient, in our doctor's office, with very little risk.  Stitches are usually removed after about 2 weeks.

Epidermoid cyst gif.gif

Don't try to pop your own cyst because it can cause scarring and make it more difficult to remove surgically

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